Bermuda Triangle-The Mysterious Cases.

The Bermuda triangle, everyone had heard this name in their life. If I ask someone to make a list of some mysterious places, then the name of the Bermuda triangle will be there in your list for sure. Nowadays we know this area by Bermuda triangle but in the past, this was known by many names like The Hoodoo Sea, The Devil’s Triangle, Limbo of the lost, and Twilight Zone.

These are the names by which the Bermuda triangle is known earlier. There are many theories and cases on this sea but not justified, first of all, we will see how the name The Bermuda triangle came.

The missing of ships and planes are reported mostly in the region of these three places named- Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda so the name has invented The Bermuda Triangle.

Many blogs can provide you the mysterious cases oneΒ of the top 50 mysterious blogsΒ is there.

Here many ships and planes are reported to be missing mysteriously without any stuff leaving behind, one of the cases of US navy ship named Cyclops. In the year of March 1918, the US navy ship Cyclops reported missing without leaving any clue behind. Many search operations started and many flights went to the Bermuda triangle in search of the ship. But after some time they are also reported missing.

After some days, a writer namedΒ Vincent GaddisΒ wrote an article after which the stories of the Bermuda triangle spread like a fire everywhere. He wrote that there is one another dimension that belongs to some other world, calledΒ parallel universe.Β He wants to prove his statement but to prove it, he needs a person who has come out of the Bermuda triangle alive and who can able to tell his experience.

And in the year of 1970, a man calledΒ Bruce Gernon whoΒ became the first person to came out of the Bermuda Triangle safely he says, on that day he was flying from the Bahamas to Miami with his father and one friend in case of the business trip, so they decided to go from the route which comes across The Bermuda triangle.

After some time when they reached there, they start feeling something strange and they are suddenly covered by clouds, they felt like something is covered them they find a hole in the clouds. And they decided to enter it went through it. After some time when they entered in clouds and experience, many lightening and their navigation system started moving very fast and when they came out of the cloud they saw huge groups of clouds were traveling around them. He says when he was moving from the clouds they were unable to detect their speed but they say that they had covered more than the distance they can be covered with the normal fuel. According to him, they had covered 150 km/hr in just 3 min that means they had traveled with the speed of 300km/hr.

It is unbelievable to believe it but it is the truth which is spoken by Bruce Gernon. Some of the scientists have given their explanation to the statement given by Gernon that the time-lapse they felt it may be because of the magnetic field formed around the plane when lightening taking place.

According to some scientists, The Bermuda Triangle can be another way to move from one universe to another. They explain if you imagine two points on a paper A and B an if you fold the paper and you will see that the two points A and B came closer so it is very easy to move from point A to B.

Now if you look at the modern explanation they introduce one new term called Air Bomb, this Air Bomb formed in the sea when there is continuously lightening and the storm takes place. It can affect the ships and planes very badly because when this bomb bursts it can create a wave of a minimum of 39 feet. By this, you can imagine If any ship or plane came in front of this kind of the wave then it impossible to get out of it.

So there are some cases in which, the missing ship and plane stuff are rescued from the bottom of the sea, after many years of reported them missing but in most of the cases they are not rescued.

If the reader can understand Hindi then you can check this video of the Bermuda Triangle.


Corona virus | Why it has came to Earth? and Its Evolution.

The most worst situation in the world , is the COVID-19. There are many new cases are coming forward day by day. Now if you are reading this blog that mean you are in search of the history of Corona virus .

Have you ever thought, what would be the situation of Earth in past 100 years. Well it was definitely much better than nowadays. So before I will start the evolution of COVID-19 , I want to discuss some of the natural disasters happened in last two years (2018-2019).

1. Wild fire in California.

2. Tsunami occurred in Indonesia in which more than 2000 people died.

3. Guatemata , volcanic eruption.

So if we saw these disaster it look like a plan , which is organized by   nature.

We had used nature in the wrong way to fulfill our need. We had replaced many animals from their natural habitats

 This virus has not came to the earth suddenly , it was came to the Earth in the late 20th  centaury (1965). In 1965 a newly respiratory infection had occurred. In 1965 Tyrell and his partner Bynoe , was researching on this infection and they took some samples of this infection from the infected person and tried to grow in some tissue culture , but they are failed .

At the same time two other scientist Hamre and Procknow , was trying to cultivate this samples in the tissue culture  and they were able to do this and they named it Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

          In 2002 – 2003 , as corona virus spread from southern China throughout the world.

          During this two years SARS infection was reported in many countries of the world. At this time 8098 individual infected are reported.

It is still unclear that how this infection entered in human population. Some of the people say that Himalayan Palm Civet was the natural reservoir of this virus. But after some time it was proved wrong because scientist did not find 25 nucleotide in them which should be present in the infected person.

But it was made clear that this infection or corona virus has spread by animals in the human population. And on December 31, 2019 .

WHO reported the first case of an unknown virus in China , which was causing more pneumonia cases in China. By which over 5lakh people are infected and more 2 lakh people are died. And after that you all know how corona virus spread all over the world, and cause the worst situation.

Basically what we had done in our past , we are getting it know. Nature is taking revenge of all those sins which we have done. It is the time to cure the nature and that Is why this corona virus came on the Earth.

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What is Time Slip? Some of the two Cases.

Hello every one , if you are reading this blog that means you are very much interested in Time Slip.

you can click on the video to know about Time Slip

Time Slip is the phenomena in which you will a shifting of time , that means you will fell a change in time Β for some time. For Example imagine you are in a great deserted area and you are navigating yourself by stars and suddenly you felt like you are in another place. This is how it works, there are many incidence recorded in the world of the is Time Slip.

There are two cases of time slip which are quite interesting.

1- 1996’s Time Slip.

It is the time slip occurred in July 1996, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. One day Frankin and his wife are visited the bold street of Liverpool , basically Frankin was very much interested in reading books so, he went to book shop named Dillor’s Bookshop.

Is this the world’s most surreal book shop_.jpg

He went and he started reading the books there and finally he decided to buy one of the book he was interested he brought that book and started to came out of the book store, but as he opened the door of the book shop he saw that he was in another place . He got shocked and started thinking what just happened now , before he could think anything  a van suddenly passes through him as he saw the van he could understand that the van model was of 40’s .

1_43 Scale 1957 GM Chevrolet Nomad station wagon….jpg

 He started roaming there and he saw a women holding a modern bag in her hand he went to her and ask her is she feeling anything strange as he was feeling.

Before they can understand anything suddenly his wife came from backside and touched him and everything was changed. He was again in the book shop.

What do you think is he experienced any time slip?

2 – 1800’s Time Slip.

It is the case of women and of her daughter. One day they are traveling from Mashing ton to somewhere she was with her daughter .Her daughter was sleeping as it was late night, she was travelling in the deserted and dark road as she went a few miles forward all weather changed  and he saw a people with different dress code may be of 50’s.

She got stressed as she was moving forward a women suddenly came in front of her car


With her baby. As she applied the brake , she was back in the car with her daughter. She shared this incidence with her friends but no one believed in her.

After 10 years when her daughter grew up she shared this incidence with her then, her daughter replied that yes! I remembered but at that time I can only able to hear your voice but not you!


By listening this she got tensed and shocked.

What do you think viewers? What just happened with this lady.

If you have experienced any time slip in your life so please share it with me.

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Interesting facts

Welcome to my blog , if you reading this blog means you are very much interested in interesting facts .So you have came to the right place, I have many more things to explore and interesting  facts are one  of them .

Let’s  start  some of the interesting facts that will amaze you.

1. North Korea and Cuba  are the only places you can not  buy coco- cola.

Coco- cola is one of the world’s most recognized brands, so are there any countries where this drinks are unsold? There are only two countries where this brand is totally banned or can not be brought or sold at not officially .

Which are both under long term US trade embargoes (cuba since 1962 and north Korea since from 1950).

2 . The entire worlds population could fit under Los Angeles.

It is one of the amazing fact that I have ever heard . It is according to National Geographic. Standing shoulder to shoulder , the entire world’s population could fit within  more than 500 square miles  of Los Angeles. A typical life in an industrialized country is now about 80 years longer than it was a century ago.

3. There are only three countries in the world that doesn’t use metric system.

First of all what is metric system? It is the system where we will use the units like killo , gram and all and imperial system is , where we use units like inch, pound and all.

So, basically  there are only three countries which don’t use metric system but they will use imperial system.

1. Liberia

2. Myanmar

3. United States

These are the only countries in world which does not use metric system , because during British rule in this countries ,  they proposed imperial system and  they make very well use of it and make everyone to adapt this system so, when French revolution ended up French government took place in these countries and introduce the metric system but soon when election began some of the local leader took this topic as their source of votes and spread this topic everywhere and the people of these countries supported them so,  this system began from there.

And till now these countries use imperial system instead of metric system.

4. The most expensive coin ever sold.

Basically there are many coins which are sold at huge cost but this coin has its own value. This is the coin of the year 1933 when this coins are called as Double Eagle. At that time this coins are made in US and suddenly the president of that time announced the banning of gold . so these coins which were made are now useless so these coins are stolen by some of the mint workers of US and as time went these coins went in many hand and gone through many circulations and finally one of the coin reached to the king Egypt and in 2002 when this coin was auctioned it was sold at the cost of more than $70590020. And that’s why it became the most expensive coin ever sold.

5. When your more tiered you are more creative.

Now we are going to talk about one of the physiological facts that is when you are more tired or felling bored and all , you are more creative.

You can just check it out when you fell tired  and take a pen and paper and start drawing whatever you think that time in your mind and you will find something creative inside your self.

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How to Navigate by Stars ?

There are many ways to navigate by stars but i am going to tell you in just two simple way.

the Before the GPS, before the compass, your main means of finding your way was to navigate by stars. Although today’s technology makes finding your way easier, it’s still fun to learn how to navigate by the stars.

1-Finding the North Star.

In this method you have to find a constellation called Ursa Minor, which is combination of seven stars. it is simple way to find north direction because this constellation is only find in north direction.


2-Finding south direction using Crux.

To find the south direction in southern hemisphere we should go with the constellation called Crux it in shape of holly cross. It can be located easily by pointing stars these stars are always near to this constellation so we can easily find south.

by looking at this picture you ca easily make it out.


what you have to do is just imagine a line passing through the crux and one line passing through the pointer star. The line intersect that point is yours south direction.

For more info just click on it….

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If anyone ask you what are the places where you want to go , you will definitely say some of the tourist places like Switzerland and all but if I ask what are the places where you do not want to go so Β Egypt may be one of those placesΒ  because you would have heard many story and mystery about the ancient pyramid .There are some mystery about the ancient pyramids which are still unsolved .

If you see these pyramids you will come to know these pyramids have a very perfect structure which is almost impossible to built at that ancient period , These ancient pyramids are built around 4000 years ago at that time there the ancient people doesn’t have any advanced technology through which they could have built these huge ancient pyramids .

There are more than 23lakhs bricks are used in these ancient pyramids which could weigh up to 23-70 kilo thousand , and the machine what we use in the modern day worldΒ  Crane can carry upto the weight of 2 thousand kilo , so you Β could have got an idea that it is almost impossible to lift that rocks and bricks without an advanced technology .

There are many theory about these ancient pyramids but one of the theory called Orion Co-Relation Theory according to this theory if you saw Β some of the three ancient pyramids at night you will come to see that these three ancient pyramids have some special alignment to the three stars of the constellation of Orion ,

According to some theorist these alignment have some meaning , in ancient period these type of construction was impossible , but they were made . They say in the ancient period aliens used to come from these stars so, they built these ancient pyramid and these alignment to represent the relation between humans and aliens.


Some scientist believe that in the ancient time alien brought these advanced technology to the earth .There are many tunnels in these ancient pyramids Β which are still unexplored some scientist have tried to explore some of theΒ  tunnels . TheyΒ  took the help of a modern robot and used it to find the hidden places in ancient pyramids they found a cube like box which was interrupting the robot they drilled it with the help of another robot and the robot send them a picture of the hidden room in that ancient pyramid but after some time the robot disappeared mysteriously .

Some scientist also says that these ancient pyramids are also used as power plants by aliens in that ancient period. There are some wall paintings in the ancient pyramids through which we can clearly proof that aliens came to the earth in ancient period .There are some wall paintings in which there is a small depiction of bulb a modern bulb.

By these all thing it is very clear that this ancient pyramids are built by aliens not by humans.

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Unexplored Places Of India.

Hey guys if you are reading this blog ,that shows how much interested you are in exploring more new things around the world so, you have came to the right place . Now we are going to explore some of the unexplored places of India .

Let’s start this…

there is video which can make you more clear.click on it..

1. Mystery of Twin village.

Its kind of mystery for the scientist to find the correct cause for this , it is the case of Mallapuram , Kerala which is a very well knownΒ  tourist place of Kerala .

The thing which make it in this list is , the capacity of twins in this village . In this village there are more than 200 pairs of twins, we don’t know what is in this village that make every single person to have a twins. The thing is if a couple comes from outside the village and stay at least for 1 week , even they will have a twins when they will went out from the village . According to some of the scientist its because of the chemical composition of water of Mallapuram.

2. Mystery of Hanging Pillars.

This is not just a mystery but an example of great architectures , in this case we are talking about a temple of Lepkashi , Andhra Pradesh. In India there isΒ  a temple of lord Shiva who is very famous accordingΒ Β  to Indian mythology ,this temple was built in 16 centaury . The mystery behind this temple was its hanging pillars which make it in the list of the mystery of this temple .

According to the local villagers  the secret behind this hanging pillars is ,  the workers who built the this temple was very  genius and they know many tricks and the hanging pillars was an example of some of the tricks they know.

But still scientist has not given any proper cause for this pillars.

3. The mystery of ghost light.  

It is the creepiest story I have ever heard. It is the case of West Bengal ,a smallΒ  town named Alleya ,it will definitely grab your attention .according to their locals these lights are the spirits of fisher mansΒ  who lost their lives in this swamps and marsh lands , there are many cases in the world of seeing ghostΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Β Β Β lightsΒ  but the thing which make differences between them is just there name .In some of the countries the know by different names . in West Bengal these lights are considered as the most cursed light becauseΒ  those one who follow these light are never seen again or next day their dead body found to be floating on river , so these places are considered as one of the most hunted places in India.

4. Mystery of Kuldhara village , Rajasthan.

Β This is the most haunted places in Rajasthan after Bhangarh fort . so basically one who visit Rajasthan could wish to visit Kuldhara village. Because it is considered as the town of ghost and some supernatural powers.

Once upon a time it was the town of many paliwalΒ  Brahmins ,

One day the evil eyes if Salim singh, who was the powerful Prime minister falls  on the daughter of  the head of the village and he wants to marry her forcibly. When they opposed the king , he threatened all the villagers and at last the villagers decided to migrate to some another village and while going they cursed the village that no one could settle their village from now onwards and till know who tried to go there after 6 pm has went with some paranormal phenomena and some of them lost their live.

And this one the haunted places if India.

5. The spooky beach of Goa.

This is one of the most attractive places for tourist in India and for this reason many of them don’t the real fact aboutΒ  this beach . ActuallyΒ  this beach is famous for mainly two reason one is for the black sand and another one for haunted place in India. At the day time it is like the ,most beautiful place that you have ever visit but as soon as the sun set began no one dares to be there and those who tried to proves themselves are reportedΒ  missing or they left their life with worst experience.

According to their local , before it is considered as the beach it was Hindus burial ground and they say the sand got  the black color by the ashes of the dead body  their burnt at ancient time.

And now some of the evil spirits left on the beach .There are the cases reported and they says that they have heard some weird noises like someone crying or laughing .

So these are the some cases which you have heard .To get in touch with these type of facts follow my blog , and thanks for visiting my site.

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